Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Layers

Fall weather is the best. The layering, the boots, the slight chill in the air. . . sigh.

This weekend was our first taste of cooler weather — after a huge rainstorm on Saturday, Sunday was like a dream. I spent the morning wandering around Oak Cliff with my foodie friend Seashols. We stopped at the adorable shops in the Bishop Arts District, then finished off with brunch at Oddfellows.

To create this look, I layered a romper with my new sweater from Nordstrom (thanks, Shelley!). Since I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking, I broke out one of my two pairs of flats —lucite, black suede, and gold tipped oxfords.

While the weather looks like it's heading back towards heat, I'll be dreaming of cooler things until they return.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shopping In My Grandmother's Closet

“It’s just so adorable!” my friend Julie yelled at me across cocktail-filled hands at 6th Street bar. “I mean, you look just like a miniature grandmother!”

Wait. . . . did I hear that right? How did this nearly-compliment shift into such an unexpected direction?

But Julie was on to something — at that very moment I was indeed wearing a dress that had come from my grandmother, G.G.’s, closet. The emerald and golden butterfly ensemble had been a piece of my fiercely fashionable five-foot even grandmother’s swinging ’60’s wardrobe.  

Holla acha girl, G.G.!
At the time, I took a moment to examine my fellow bar-goers, and realized. . .well, maybe she was right. To my left was a pair of booty shorts, to my right a sheer tank top, and three people over, a pair of booty shorts and a sheer top. Well, dang! Get it, girls.

This was before the Macklemore “thrift shopping” phenomenon, when visiting the Salvation Army or vintage store was just for thrifty consumers or vintage clothing lovers.

This week, I was reminded of Julie’s comment and/or compliment when I was faced with another “grandmotherly” fashion task — shopping for a slip.

“A slip??” my friend Meredith texted me when I told her about my to-do list for the day. “Yes,” I responded, “I’m a 90 year-old woman, I know.”

So, yes, I know that I dress like a grandma. That's because I'm wearing clothing that our grandmothers wore when they were our age — fit and flare dresses from ’50's, vintage butterfly dresses from the ’60's, hippie-chic dresses from the ’70's, and (HECK YES) sequins from the ’80's. 

There is something so special about wearing clothing with history. It doesn't matter if it's your family's history, or something you found at your favorite second-hand shopping spot — you'll know nobody around you has that exact outfit. And if that means I have to wear something that your grandmother wore once, well, I dig it. 

And on that thought, here's the question I'm dying to know the answer to — does your grandma still have the dress she's wearing in the photo you posted for throwback Thursday?! Because I want it. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

All Black Everything

What do you wear to work when it's sweltering outside and freezing inside your office? That seems to be the question I am asking myself every morning while getting ready to go to work. Getting dressed has always been a process for me (obviously, my look is determined by my mood), and the crazy temperatures I move between aren't making it any easier.

As I look for work appropriate clothing, black has become my go to. I've always loved the hue, but now that I'm looking for pieces that can do double duty (work and play), it's become my favorite choice. That mean's I am pulling out my old faithful black pencil skirt, and adding fun accessories to change it up.

Top: Nordstrom (similar here), Skirt: Vince Camuto, Shoes: Urban Outfitters

My solution for hot and cold situation is layers — along with versatile materials. This top is perfect because the faux leather will keep you (relatively) warm compared to other materials, but it's short sleeve for while you're wandering around the sweltering hot downtown without a stitch of shade around you. Yes, that's happened to me before. 

My clutch was a thoughtful gift from my dad after I was hired at People Newspapers. Many people think it's an actual paper — I've been called out a few times in the office because it looks like our competitor's publication! The slate blue bracelet on my arm is my FitBit, a new toy I'm obsessed with. After I've given it enough time, I'll do a review.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


 I spent my weekend on a mini-vacation in Houston, exploring the museum district with my partner in crime. My favorite part was the Cockrell Butterfly Center, where I battled kiddos for a chance to hold some butterflies.

It was characteristically warm for Texas all weekend (over 100 degrees), so I kept cool in my favorite pieces of summertime clothing, a romper and my Kork-ease wedges. To check out some of my butterfly snapshots, follow the jump.

Hi there, Sam Houston statue! Romer: Antropologie Bag: Pour la Victoire Shoes: Kork-ease Earrings: J. Crew

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On the Job

I've started a new job. It's kept me incredibly busy — which I love, of course. Luckily, work and play overlap quite frequently, and I get to attend events with cool kids like my little brother. That's this handsome stud.

This was a party pic from the La Fiesta Presentation Ball. He was attending as a guest, I was there to work, which was basically like play.

Just wanted to share a snap from my everyday life. I love this photo of James and I—we rarely get a photo of the two of us where we both have all of our eyes open!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cats and Mice

 My love of cats is something I've mentioned on my blog before. . . you know, like, only one time. So when I found these adorable pins in my mother's childhood jewelry box, this dress instantly came to mind. I've loved the resurgence of brooches and pins into the fashion world — they are such a fun way to personalize an outfit (or, as T.G.I. Friday's would call it, add some "flair").

These Miista shoes look like something out of a Lisa Frank acid trip. Yes, they are holographic gladiator shoes. You know, just like the ones they wore in ancient Rome. Right? They came from the Nicole Kwon store in West Village. I'm pretty sure Nicole Kwon is my spirit animal — every time I wander into her store, I wish that she would dress me every morning.

— Dress: Anthropologie — Shoes: Miista/Nicole Kwon — Purse: Vintage — Earrings: Hello Kitty — Pins: Vintage —

Rings: Kendra Scott Stackables 

There could be such thing as cat overload, but I don't think I've reached it yet. Maybe next time.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Food Files: DIY Cheez-It's

In the past six months or so I've been (very slowly) attempting to cut out all processed food and most sweets out of my diet. Okay, so I'm eating a cookie while writing this. But I have cut out almost all processed food! Some of my favorites included Welch's fruit snacks, chocolate and peanut butter chewy bars and Cheez-it's. Oh, cheez-it's, how I love your salty crunchy goodness.

Luckily, a little birdy reminded me that just because I'm not eating processed food doesn't mean I have to go without - I can make them on my own! So that's what I did. Made Cheez-it's. Seriously.

Since this was my first time, I stuck with the classic flavors - extra sharp yellow cheddar and white cheddar. But now that I've realized how easy it is, I plan on getting a little more adventurous!

This recipe only used 6 ingredients - I think this is called clean eating, right?! Follow the jump for more details.